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2011-01-02 07:01 pm

Yuletide Thank Yous

I've returned from vacationing in warmer climes to my frosty apartment, totally late for all the Yuletide excitement. First, a huge thank you and hearty recommendations for the story I received this year:

"A Winter's Night" - by[personal profile] mizbean, which checks in with several of the characters of Neil Gaiman's "The Graveyard Book" enjoying winter together. It's fun and it's sweet, and it's perfect reading for a chilly evening.

And then there's the story I wrote:

"The Sun Shone on Venus" - based on the Ray Bradbury short stories "All Summer in a Day" and "The Long Rain," for caitrin. She wanted to know what happened to the little girl, Margot, after the events of "All Summer in a Day," which can be read in its entirety here.

The Bradbury story is less than 2K words, and I went a little overboard as usual and wrote 5K worth of fanfic. But apparently that didn't hurt.

In the six-odd years I've been writing fanfiction, I have never had a response to anything I've written as intense and overwhelming and amazing as this. I am incredibly flattered and want to say thank you to everyone who commented and recced the fic and shared all those personal experiences and emotional responses to reading the Bradbury story, which is very near and dear to me too. There will be a big, self-indulgent meta post on how and why I wrote the fic up in a few days for the curious. But this post is for thank yous.

I really never expected this. You guys have made my Yuletide. Thank you all!
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2010-02-14 08:02 pm

The Airbender Movie Mess Update

I wanted to follow up on the casting controversy over the "Last Airbender" movie which I discussed about a year ago here. The full theatrical trailer has been released online, and another round of debate and discussion is picking up momentum, inching ever-so-slowly into the eye of the mainstream public. I've been watching and participating in a lot of these debates, and there are a couple of things I've observed that I believe are worth pointing out:

This gets a little long. )
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2010-01-31 10:43 pm

Rambly Thoughts on Dollhouse and Fandom

Some thoughts on the end of Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse," and how it relates to my love of fandom in general.

The spoilers should be mild, but -

I'll put the rest under the cut just in case. )
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2010-01-14 10:25 pm

Some thoughts on Writing and Dollhouse

Some vague allusions to recent episodes of "Dollhouse" here, but they're not the main point of this post, so no worries if you're trying to avoid spoilers.

I've been happily enjoying the final stretch of episodes of Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse," which has been prematurely canceled by FOX. The creators have gone the route of packing something like five years of story into the last ten episodes, so it's been really fun viewing keeping up with the breakneck pace of the plot as we approach the end - I feel like I'm getting massive payoff for all the hours I put in watching the so-so first season.

Last week's episode ended with a big, game-changing twist that apparently came out of the blue for some people. Today I ran across a discussion on ONTD over here (watch out for lots of spoilers) talking about an iO9 interview with Tim Minear, who wrote the episode. And I was really struck by the severe negative reaction to Minear revealing that the big twist wasn't something that had been planned out from the beginning of the show, but a development that had been worked out at the beginning of the current season. All sorts of accusations of "lazy writing" and "bad writing" are flying around.

And I really don't understand the complaint at all )
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2009-05-01 10:55 pm


Ground control to Major Tom...